Multiple Teams · Monticello Takes on Duluth East


By Elle Koecheler

A cold, fall night in September set the tone for a soon to be Monticello victory.  On September 23rd, the boys of Monticello Football went on a three hour bus ride to face the Duluth East Greyhounds.

Monticello went into this game with a record of 2-1 and left Duluth with a record of 3-1.  At the beginning of the game the teams were neck and neck. Both teams would get touchdowns; one after the other.  The Monticello boys had a slow start, but pulled through for a strong ending.

Senior Lindsey Hilgers, fan at the game, explained, “first half was very slow but second half they brought their A game for the win.”  There were many things that both teams could have improved on.  “Been more serious at the beginning of the game instead of having the cocky attitude and thinking that we would crush Duluth,” said Christopher Wallin. “Been more calm on the sidelines and not be afraid of making mistakes,” said Courtright. “Although the first half didn’t go as planned, we came out of the locker room, second half focused on the win,” said Christopher.

This event turned out to have a happy ending for the Monticello Football fans.  Even though the Monticello Magic started out very slow, in the end they pulled it together to bring home another “Monti W,” added Tyler Courtright.